Do teenagers like to explore…..Ciscas

Or is it why teenagers like to explore….. I intermingled with some teenagers on this and they already new what to say…….

” I am lyzer 13 years of age .Exploring is fun because it helps me relax .Exploring may interfere with your education because if you are not careful to balance you might end up failing in your exams .Well my parents are okay with exploring because I go to educational trips .Basically to me exploring is great.”

“I am Joyance 15 years of age. And yes I personnally love exploring. Exploring instills one with more knowledge and the nature surrounding us. Moreover it helps one acquire skills like when one is in camping. Exploring is fun!”

“Am Bryson 17 years of age. I personally find exploring awesome. To me, it enables us interact with people all over the world.In school,it breaks the monotony of the classroom.I enjoy best during the school holidays because I make new friends. It is also not the best because some people find themselves in bad companies ending up to drug abuse and dropping out of school, so l like it when my parents intervene where necessary.”

As teenagers’ parents, it is good if you allow your pre teens and teenagers to hang out with their friends. All what you need is to monitor their action in a friendly manner. Guide where necessary.

Though allowed to explore,inspect their move.They may end up exploring things that will impact them negatively!

By Ciscas

Passionate in seeing and experiencing a positive change.