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How I made it – Ciscas

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I had finished doing my office assignment and was getting ready to head to bed. Something caught my attention. I had forgotten to lock my door and so I took the key and went ahead. As I approached the door, I had a knock. Surprised, I asked myself, “who could that be at a such weird hour?” I didn’t expect anybody neither had I invited anyone to my house. Before I could enquire who it was, a voice said, ” It’s me, Bryan.”

Bryan was one of my colleagues at work. I wondered what could have made him come to my house at such an hour. Previously, we had quarreled on some issues we could not agree. I had declined his request to visit him during the weekend. That afternoon, I went to to the market to run some errands.

As I was picking some tomatoes, somebody tapped my shoulder and that is when I realized it was Hopekins my former classmate. I couldn’t resist  a hag from him which felt so warm after staying for decades without seeing each other. All this time, I didn’t realize that Bryan was standing behind me. “Kindly meet my friend, Bryan.” He told me  pointing to Bryan. I was shocked to see Bryan and I could tell from the look of his eyes that he was not happy with the way I embarrassed Hopekins. After shaking hands with him, he left in a hurry and left us chatting as we had fun flashing back to our school life.

So I knew that something was not right. I ushered him in Reluctantly. “What has made you to come here at this time? Is anything wrong?” I asked him knowing very well what could be the response. To my amazement, he said, ” Am sorry for the way I behaved this afternoon. I couldn’t control my jealousy when I saw you embracing Hopekins with a lot of intimacy. I Know it’s not right to judge you, but I could not help it.” …stay tuned to know what happened…to continue…look out for the next episode.

By Ciscas

Passionate in seeing and experiencing a positive change.

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