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How I made it (epi4)

What next?

So far so good, I hope you have been enjoying the story. Let’s know what happened after the hospital incident. Kindly share it with your friends….For those who missed the last episodes, I have catered for you here

” Who else could have given out my contact to the hospital staff?” I interrogated myself paying more attention to the man. The doctor uncovered him slightly to show me more parts that were injured. This is the time I discovered that it was Hopekins- my former classmate. This was the last thing that could come to my mind. I couldn’t help it. He was just fine the day before and now unconscious. He couldn’t talk to me. I tried calling him but nothing gave me hope. I cried helplessly as I sat at the edge of his hospital bed.

Last time I was with him, we didn’t talk much. We had agreed on meeting again and share more over a cup of coffee. Now this was not to be. It would take time before he recovers. I wanted to know what he had been doing since the time we parted ways after forth form.

Just then, the nurse entered the room.”Madam, we would like to give the patient more time to rest. Kindly leave and come back tomorrow. I am sure that he will be okay.” She changed his bedding as I walked out having nothing else I could do.

It was already late to go back to the office. I wanted to know whether Bryan reported to work. So I decided to call him but the phone call couldn’t go through. It bothered me so much that I felt exhausted with all the day’s events. At first I thought it was Bryan who was at the hospital. Where could he be? The last episode will him made me feel unsafe. By the time I was getting to the house, I was too tired to do anything else apart from jumping in my bed and before I new it, I was deep asleep.

It was now around 8am the following day. Hopekins could slightly move his hands. His open eyes could gaze at me without recognizing me. It was so sad seeing him in a such State. I had to rush to the office and so I excused myself. I promised the nurse that I would be coming back to check on him.

Reaching at the office, I noted there was an envelope on the table. It must be Bryan! What could it be? I took the envelope, got the letter and started reading.

Dear Sarah, it is with a heavy heart that I write this letter. I didn’t find a better way of saying it. I am sorry to say that Bryan………

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By Ciscas

Passionate in seeing and experiencing a positive change.

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