How I made it (epi4)

Who wrote the letter? What is your guess? Let’s know it before the next episode.


So far so good, I hope you have been enjoying the story. Let’s know what happened after the hospital incident. Kindly share it with your friends….For those who missed the last episodes, I have catered for you here

” Who else could have given out my contact to the hospital staff?” I interrogated myself paying more attention to the man. The doctor uncovered him slightly to show me more parts that were injured. This is the time I discovered that it was Hopekins- my former classmate. This was the last thing that could come to my mind. I couldn’t help it. He was just fine the day before and now unconscious. He couldn’t talk to me. I tried calling him but nothing gave me hope. I cried helplessly as I sat at the edge of his hospital bed.

Last time I was with him, we didn’t talk much. We had…

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