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Teachers and Digital learning – Ciscasquapro

The digital world

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of changes in our daily lives. More so to education sector where most of learning is being done through online classes. The teachers are therefore supposed to be well equipped with technology to be able to facilitate the lessons.

As I stated in my previous post on challenges of digital learning, teaching online has been difficult to some of the teachers who are not conversant with the use of computers. Remember this was not part of their training and so it calls for the teachers’ effort to equip themselves with the skills. This has brought some hiccups in online classes.

So it is good for those teachers to put some effort and embrace the change by enrolling to computer classes too as this will help them to understand what they need to administer to the learners.

They should not shy off from getting some insights from the young generation which may be well conversant in the area.

By this doing, our children will have competent teachers who are able to deliver the content in every situation.

Do you have any opinion on the above? Let’s share it as you leave your comment.

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