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We didn’t have toilets and this is what we used to do.

As we celebrate The World Toilet Day, I can’t forget to flashback what happened during our time as Children.

Our home was surrounded by a thick bush as of many homes in the village. There were no toilets and people didn’t find any need to have one. Then, how were people releasing themselves?

It wasn’t a big deal. People were going to the bush in turns. When the elders were doing it, the young could refrain from it. But this didn’t stop them from meeting at a time when they couldn’t expect.

Sometimes the bush could be divided into portions. The east for elders and the west fo the young. I remember how we used to clean ourselves after we were done with the business. It was terrible. Using maize cobs and leaves from the bush!

Everything seemed to be okay. Little did we know that the waste was coming back to us when it rained. The rivers and dams collected it and then we went to fetch water from them. Literally to say, we were feeding from our own waste!

Everybody was getting sick until the government through the chief’s office demanded a toilet in every home. That’s how our toilet was built.

We were not used to this and so we could find ourselves forgetting visiting the toilets. Instead, we went to the bush. It took long but later we managed to improve on sanitation.

Now, answering a call of nature in the bush is unheard of. People have been sensitized on sanitation and hygiene. Thanks to the government of the time.

Do we still have places where people don’t use toilets? Let’s hear it as you comment. For more, get them here.

By Ciscas

Passionate in seeing and experiencing a positive change.

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