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What they found a group of teenagers doing in the house

Not again!

Not again! Just after the chilling news of the girls who went missing, another group of Teenagers (about 40) both girls and boys were found in one of the houses doing all manner of immorality in the name of birthday sleepover. (All in just one house)

Teenagers who according to Citizen TV were from different counties. They were hosted by a woman who was alleged to be about 40 years of age.

Who should we blame?…the society, the parents, the teenagers, the digital life, the adults?…

By Ciscas

Passionate in seeing and experiencing a positive change.

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There is an increased number of novel coronavirus infections in all age groups, including children. Even so, children play a minor role in spreading the novel coronavirus. The number of infections in children and how contagious they are do increase as they get older.  It is and will remain important to follow the basis recommendations (such as the hygiene rules ) at home whenever possible, and to make sure that children over 13 years old who have symptoms do get tested .


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