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The shocking Christmas Gift!

Hi everyone, ready to get a gift for your loved ones as we celebrate the Christmas? Just have a look at this…During Christmas Holidays, we expect to receive or give out gifts to the needy or loved ones. Have you ever participated in this? The excitement of Christmas gifts is very common with children. They want to have Christmas fashion that is trending. The toy car of the latest model. When this time comes, Teenagers are the most stubborn. They will make you move from shop to shop without making a choice.

My dad could visit us every Christmas after staying away for a whole year. Like every other parent, he could come with gifts to sooth our long waited love. Some of these gifts were jackets, dresses and shoes. It was a must to wear the new clothes on Christmas Day as we attended the church service. Without the new dress, one felt out of the place.

I remember that Christmas Eve when he arrived with a lot of gifts. Everyone was excited to try them out and prepare for the show off on Christmas Day.

I was eager to try them too. I took my dress, jacket and a pair of shoes. After putting it on, it was so long that not only did it touch the floor but it was off shoulders too. Not because it was the trending fashion but because I couldn’t fit in. The jacket’s sleeves were oversize and buggy, not to mention the pair of shoes which I could force my feet inside.

My brother was not spared either. His pair of trousers looked like a short while the pair of shoes was too big for him. We couldn’t imagine celebrating Christmas with old clothes and so my mum had to come up with a way out.

She took my brothers shoes, put some used clothes inside to make them smaller for him to fit in. There was too little to do with the pair of trousers which turned out to be a fake pair of shorts.

After putting on my dress, she then used my dad’s belt to tighten the waistline. This made it appear a bit shorter to allow me walk. For the sleeves, little was to be done. The shoes had no remedy and so I had to wear them as the toes pitched together. I could barely walk.

By now you can imagine how we looked. Your guess is as good as mine: scarecrows! This did not deter us from attending the Christmas Service, but by the time I got home,my toes were full of blisters. The important thing to us was we had new clothes and that is all that mattered.

As we prepare to celebrate the Christmas by giving out gifts, it is important to note that the gifts are worthy. If the need be, no harm to get more information about it. Kindly share your opinion on this. For other insights, see here.

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