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Already in Christmas mood

Sometimes back, Christmas mood was experienced some days to 24th and 25th. Nowadays, the moment we get into December 1, the Christmas vibes feel the air.

Supermarkets have been decorated with Christmas colours. Town streets have not been left behind on this as they twinkle beautifully especially at night.

To attract more customers, companies are already giving Christmas offers where some of the commodities are being sold at a lower price.

One might think Christmas day is tomorrow because of the surrounding mood.

I think this month should be as well known as Christmas month. Most of the Hotels are fully booked. Those traveling to upcountry, some have left already and also Christmas shopping has started as well.

The nice tunes of Christmas carols from different radio stations tells it all; Christmas is near!

Are you experiencing the same? Let’s connect by a follow and a comment.


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