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Christmas rush!

What seemed like it will never come to be in month of January is now here with us. Yes! three days counting to Christmas! How are you ushering it? I believe by now we are all set on how to celebrate our Christmas Holidays.

However, some challenges though. A lot of people traveling to different parts of the country causing congestion at bus station making it very difficult for people to maintain social distance as to covid 19 guidelines.

True to say that the transport business is really booming now that they don’t wait for people to board. People started booking earlier enough and for those who didn’t, they are finding it tough. Sometimes they are forced to postpone their journey due to lack of means of transport.

For those having personal means, they are not spared either. Traffic jam has become a nuisance along the highways. This has been brought by a large number traveling using their means while others hire cars for Christmas Holidays.

Supermarkets and malls are overcrowded as people struggle to get their best for Christmas. Christmas trees and Christmas lights business taking the frontline. People are seen shopping luxuriously as this is not a daily way of doing it. Such kind of shopping mostly comes once in a year to most of the people and so is something to be celebrated for.

For those who will be slaughtering, the animal is just within the compound waiting for the D-Day. Yeah, waiting to throw a party!

That’s how things are here. What about at your place? How are people ushering the Christmas?

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