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Schools reopen in Kenya – Ciscasquapro

After a period of nine months since covid 19 struck, the school are opening again. Some of the private schools have closed permanently. These parents will be forced to take their children to public schools which are already swollen.

Some parents have lost jobs and business to covid 19 making it difficult to pay school fees in private schools. These too will take their children to public schools. Without no doubt, the congestion that will be experienced in public schools will make it difficult for covid 19 guidelines to be followed especially maintaining the social distance.

Of late, the rift valley lakes have been swelling causing havock to the neighbouring community where some schools have been submerged completely. Parents will have to look for new schools to take their children.

Still waiting to see how things unfold! Stay connected for updates as schools reopen in kenya. What you need? Just follow. You can as well air your opinion as you comment.

By Ciscas

Passionate in seeing and experiencing a positive change.

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