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What is making the students in kenya burn schools

The schools in kenya reopened on 4th January after a break of nine month. Learners have been having a hard time coping with the new normal of putting on the masks and maintaining social distance.

Some of the learners were affected by the pandemic in one way or the other. Not all learners were able to engage in online classes and so almost forgot everything they were taught before the coronavirus pandemic. Nine months is not a short without going through what one had covered previously.

Coming back to school, the learners having been going through mental challenges and some have been seen suffering from stress. This has caused a great harm to school. It has also been noted that, the long holiday exposed the learners to bad behaviours such as use of drugs. Others have found it difficult to adjust to the life of rules and regulations as they were used to live a life of freedom. Recently, a boy killed a teacher just because of being asked why he was late for classes.

The uncertainty and anxiety that is seen in schools indicates the kind of harm the pandemic has caused not only to economy but also to morals and values of our children. Learners have been burning schools living the parents to suffer more as they pay for the loses.

It’s unfortunate that this comes just a month to national exams. It seems that they feel they are not prepared enough to seat for their final year examinations.

Teachers have been advised of the ministry of education to be vigilant and note any form of distress from the learners. They are directed to give the child concerned the support he or she need. Where there is a need for a counselor, teachers should work with speed to help the child.

How are the learners coping with the new normal in your area? I would love to have a chat with you. Tell me more. You can also see other posts here.

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