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Building Bridges Initiative ( BBI )

This has been the slogan of the day in kenya whether you are supporting it or not. There is always something one can utter on BBI. BBI came as a result of the handshake between President Uhuru and former Prime Minister Raila.

The issue has raised a lot of questions than answers. Some people are finding it strange to use alleged 14 billion during this difficult time in the midst of coronavirus hiccups. Others feel that the change of constitution should come first no matter what.

This has brought a tag of war among the citizens. The politicians are taking the advantage of BBI to go round the country pleading with people to support their decision.

It is still not sure whether the BBI will go through or not. We are yet to see. But one thing people should understand is that, as much as they are campaigning for BBI or not, they should adhere to covid-19 protocols. The large gatherings seen show openly that people have forgotten that corona virus is still with us. Although the vaccine is here, we should be careful.

By Ciscas

Passionate in seeing and experiencing a positive change.

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