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KCPE examinations set to start on 22 March in Kenya

The kenya Primary National Examinations are set to start on 22 March. 19th marks the rehearsal day whereby the learners are reminded some do’s and dont’s. Teachers make sure that every learner is well prepared to seat for the exam.

The learners have been preparing for 8 years and now it’s time to reap what they sow. Some schools which didn’t survive the pandemic closed down. This led to transfer of learners to other schools which survived the Covid-19 storm.

The exams are coming a times when some of the learners are going through difficult time. Some have lost their loved ones to Covid-19 while others have been affected economically. This may affect the outcome but not much can be done to mitigate the situation.

We wish them success as well as a safe time! See how to get to your destiny no matter what.

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