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The best way to celebrate your birthday at this time of pandemic

I really miss that time when we used to invite everyone in the neighborhood to come and enjoy our birthday goodies. Not any longer! The company was amazing. The songs and dances not mentioning the happiness that came with sharing. It’s no more fun! We have to keep to the rule of stay home, stay safe, no gathering, keep social distance, no shaking hands and wear mask. The fun that came with being washed in cold water while people cheered is long gone.We have come up with indoor ways to remember this special day though not so entertaining. Yeah! We have to be a bit creative. Isn’t it?

So, yesterday was my birthday, 5July. I couldn’t invite my friends as I used. I couldn’t go shopping anyhowly. I had to make sure I celebrate my birthday through hooks and crooks. Yes, by all means. And so,this is what I did:

Booked the birthday cake online from one of the best bakery. A supermarket that I used to buy my stuff was ready to deliver all what I needed at the door steps. I was good to go! Morning came and everything was in my house by 10am.

I invited my friends through zoom links – an online platform. And believe it or not, at 2pm, we started our celebrations. Everything went on like any other birthday occasion.The only problem was although my friends could sing and enjoy the conversation, they couldn’t taste my cake nor wash me as we used to do it. Those were the shortcomings. All in all, the birthday came and went. I thank God for the gift of life and good health.

The pandemic is making us to be a bit creative….oooh.. I almost forgot…the birthday present/gifts are coming in by online. I have already received some. If you meant to send yours and you didn’t know how to do it, there is the PayPal below. If using your phone, this is my number…254111887814. I will appreciate your good wishes too.