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What ginger, garlic,tumeric and lemon did to me

I was happy to share this as it may be of a great help to some.


I have been writing a number of posts , and this one was inevitable….. Ginger, garlic, tumeric and lemon are easily available in our markets. I didn’t know how these products were powerful until the time I used them.

We may have ignored their importance but they stand to offer great help to our bodies. I am one of those people who used to hate the garlic smell not to mention the tumeric taste.

Last week, I was suffering from cold and flu. At first, I was shocked as this is one of the covid 19 symptoms. You can imagine how scared I was. I decided to take it easy and tried to manage it by myself and then I would visit the doctor later if it didn’t work. I went fetching for the products in the nearby market.

I then prepared them and mixing everything except lemon which I…

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