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Easter Holiday

As we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, it’s high time to thank God for keeping us safe and maintaining our good health during this time of pandemic.

Some have lost their loved ones to coronavirus. Others have been drained out of their resources due to high cost of treatment. May God remember all those infected and affected. May He comfort them and strengthen their faith in Him.

Let’s not forget that God knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb. He promises never to leave us alone. He was with the children of Israel when they reached the red sea. Could they have imagined that the water would give the way? But God did it….and there was a way through!

They reached the wilderness where there was no sign of water to quench their thirst…God provided away out!

Those who were dead and people had lost hope…He made them live again! And the sick…..He restored their health!

He gave hope to the hopeless. No matter what we are going through, God will make a way… it may be dark in the night, but the morning is coming and the sun will shine once again!

Just hold on!

Happy Easter!