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What I did in 1963 – Ciscasquapro

It is normal during morning rush hour at the town to have a lot of traffic as many people struggle to reach their places of work in time. One morning, there was this old man who wanted to go to town. He had some land issues he wanted to solve at Lands Office, but competing with the young people whom seemed not to recognize his age was not easy. He had to stay longer at the stage/bus terminals… ..You can also see other posts here

Finally, a bus arrived. Seeing the old man, the conductor gave him the first chance to get a seat. He then started collecting the fare from the passenger. He reach where the old man was sitting and requested him to pay for the ticket. To his surprise, the old man became very agressive almost fighting the young and well built conductor. The conductor was annoyed and they started exchanging bitter words. All over a sudden, the old man stood up charged like a wounded buffalo and said,

Young man, if you think you are strong enough, continue arguing with me. You will regret the day you were born after I have done what I did in 1963!

All the passengers were shocked. They pleaded with the conductor to live the man alone. After arriving to their destination, they all alighted. “Excuse me, before you go, would you mind to tell us what you did in 1963?” the young man asked the old man.

He laughed exposing his toothless gum.”Okay, if you want to know, well and good I will tell you…in 1963, I had no money to pay for transport though I wanted to go to my uncle’s place and so I had to walk miles away!…that is what I could have done….walk upto my destination!”

If you were the conductor, what could you have done? Leave a comment.

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Why parents should mind some of their behaviours when with children.

Many times we tend to ignore the presence of children when we are discussing our parents-related issues. In the modern community, parents talk some sensitive issues and they assume that children are understanding nothing or they are not interested.

As much as we are eager to teach our children morals and values, they also learn a lot from what they see us parents doing. Children learn much through observation and parents should mind their behaviour when addressing to some issues especially if the children are with them. Let’s look at this scenario:

John was driving home accompanied by his 4year old child. While he was driving, his boy was playing a game using his phone. There was high traffic and everyone was struggling to get home before dark. As every market has a mad man, some drivers find it difficult to practise patience, so one driver drove past John using the wrong side of the road. He almost hit John’s car as he squeezed his car to find way out. When John so that, he shouted in anger, ” Stupid you mad man!” At all this time, his boy was busy playing with his father’s phone. After driving for a half an hour, another driver pulled out of the traffic trying to overlap. John was busy setting his radio and so he did not notice it. It wasn’t long before he was interrupted by his boy. ” Dad Dad! Look at that stupid mad man what he is doing over there.!” John was surprised not to say a word. He had not realized that he had become a perfect teacher to his boy until he heard it. He wondered what to tell the boy now that those were the same words he had used previously. He pretended to be busy but the son made sure that the father got the message. After realizing that the boy could not stop insisting, he said, “Leave him alone. Just continue with your game.” John continued with his journey but disturbed. He had realized that was not the best parent to emulate. He had Learnt his lesson and he decided to make a change in his character for the sake of his son.

a) If it were you what would you have done?
b) What type of character is your child getting from you?

So next time you act abnormally, take precaution. Your child may make the best duplicate out of you. Parents let’s try to be role models to our children. This will make it easier for us to guide their behaviour.