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Churches closed in kenya due to a surge of Covid-19 infections

Oops! We are in it once again! Last year, the government banned all gatherings including the churches. After a long period we were happy to go back to our worship places.

The country has been experiencing increase in Covid-19 infections where the number of people infected is increasing day by day. This has made the President to revert the rules.

Curfew hours have been increased. All gathering have been stopped. Hotels and bars closed. This did not spare the churches. And so we are at home catching live events from the social media…thanks to internet!

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Why Covid-19 is a Spiritual war to the Church

The church was one of many places that was closed due to corona virus pandemic. After sometimes, it was shocking seeing bars opening before the church. With influence of alcohol, the people could not adhere to covid 19 regulations. But this did not stop them from opening.

There was no register as they entered the bars or the markets which was mandatory in the church. When the church opened, there were so many restrictions compared to other places. Was this a spiritual war?

Could covid 19 be a spiritual war fighting the church? Markets are operating as usual. Political gathering are going on as if nothing is happening. But dare to call for a spiritual gathering and it will be you are infringing the health rights of the people.

Merry go round going on as usual. Table banking the same, but fellowship will spread the virus! Don’t you see as if there is more than meet the eye in this?

Is the devil trying to fight the church or is it God punishing the church? Somebody help me understand why only in church gatherings that the coronavirus will spread more! As we pass wishes of a blessed Sunday, most of us are just at home.

Children are going to school. Practising social distance has not been possible but they are still in operation. All other business working as normal but we cannot still meet as church members and discuss issues affecting the church.

All in all, let’s be vigilant, the enemy comes to steal, to destroy and to kill.

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New experience as the churches open in Kenya

It was good to go back to our worship places after a long time. Though worshipping continued out of the church, we missed that freedom of worship. As we continue trying to stay safe, we thank God for seeing us through. We hope that everything will go back to normal soonest.

Having just 100 worshippers at a duration of one hour was the challenge many churches encountered. It was first come first served for many. Others went online to book their seats. All in all, it was a good start!

Have a blessed Sunday and stay safe!.for more posts get them here….for more on WordPress…see the link….