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Kenya’s Covid-19 Third Wave

When coronavirus knocked, we thought it was just for sometime. This was never to be. In kenya we are now experiencing the third wave which seems to be more dangerous. Children are back home for a long holiday. This makes the parents even more worried.

Most of the hospitals are full to capacity for new admissions and when one gets lucky, they are quoting very high admission fee leaving most of the citizens helpless.

Number of people infected with the virus has really increased. People, on the other hand have ignored following the Covid-19 protocals. We are worried how things will end.

Will the vaccine help? We have to wait and see….is the virus still a thorn in the flesh where you come from?… Kindly share how you are working on mitigation……I will appreciate reading it in your comment.

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Death of Tanzania President, Pombe Magufuli – Ciscasquapro

The president of Tanzania is no more. The vibrant leader spoke loudly against coronavirus early last year. On February this year, he admitted the presence of the virus and urged the media stations to sensitize people on Covid-19.

There was a day he ordered chicks that were imported from kenya to be burned down. He also auctioned cows from kenya claiming they had entered his territory.

All in all, he stood strong for his people. May he rest in peace.

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My Uncle

In the beginning, it wasn’t easy to cope with the lose of my uncle. He was a great friend to me. That Sunday, I woke up early. Prepared to pay him a visit. After I was done, I decided to check my phone for any updates.

The shocking message struck me like a lightning.” He is no more!” “Why? Why? Why couldn’t you wait for me? I needed to have a talk with you. Why couldn’t you hold it any longer?” I found myself yelling.

Is it true that death happens to the good people leaving the delinquent to continue with their lives? Uncle meant so much to me. If only I knew that his days were near, I could have visited him like yesterday. Too unfortunate that death is a secret that no one can guess when it may occur.

Now that he is gone, I have to admit that there is nothing I can do, but his image and all the good memories will take long to be erased from my mind.

May he have a peaceful time with the angels. His love will live as an evidence that he once existed. Rest in peace uncle!

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A teenage student kills a teacher in kenya

When the topic on morals and values is mentioned, most of the young generation finds this as a waste of time. The discipline of our children is deteriorating day by day.

When I was growing up, I grew knowing that a teacher is one of the people that should be respected no matter what. This seems like it’s no more. Students have been trying to attack the teachers anytime they try to discipline them for their bad behavior.

Some videos have been going viral showing students beating the teachers. Just recently, a student stabbed a teacher to death. He was late of attending morning classes and immediately he was told to explain why he was late, he attacked the teacher with a knife. That means the teenager had the weapon all through waiting for the right moment to attack.

Most of the parents have refrained from disciplining their children leaving the responsibility to the teachers, but with the latest incident, are teachers safe?

This has acted as a wake up call to the ministry of education which previously always supported the students. Now things have gone out of hand and it’s now sounding a warning to all students who think of harming the teachers.

Let’s keep the chat on as you leave a comment. What’s your take on this?

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Abidjan Floods, Ivory coast: Stay Safe – ciscasquapro

When the world is mourning due spread of corona virus, Abidjan has received double tragedy. Just like kenya, it is not business as usual . The floods have cut short lives. They have left many homeless. The floods aftermath has brought a challenge on traveling For now, it would be a big problem handling the two incidents, patients of Covid 19 are not safe either. We are praying that God will comfort the affected and safe them from more damage. For more on floods , follow the link to get more information….