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Shocking news on Christmas holidays

Still on Christmas mood and everyone expects everything to be okay. Sometimes our wish might not be met and somehow we get discouraged. No matter how much you try to avoid some issues, they still follow you like a shadow.

Previously, I had written a post on how best to lose weight. I went on by narrating the story of what happened on my first day at the gym. Little did I know that the festive season was knocking loudly.

I was determined to lose some fats, unfortunately the temptations were so high. It wasn’t easy to decline several offers of roasted chicken not to mention ‘nyama choma’ roasted goat meat.

With careful measures on covid 19 being taken care of, meeting with long time friends was inevitable as we enjoyed our fries.

And guess what happened..all the kilos I had reduced came back with a bang. Yesterday when I checked it, I was discouraged though happy to have enjoyed the Christmas holidays.

I now look forward to going on with my programs immediately the festive season is over.

Were there some temptations you went through the festive season? Encourage a sister by leaving a comment. Looking forward to a prosperous new year.

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How Coronavirus has affected the festive season

The festive season has come at a time coronavirus has become a thorn in the flesh. At Christmas Eve, there were many ways on how to usher the Christmas day. The tradition being joining the congregation at the church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Others celebrate the same with their friends at home or meeting places such as bars. All having the same goal of ushering the birth of Jesus celebrations.

It is sad that the joyous moment will not take place this year. People have to stay at home to avoid being caught at the wrong side of the law. By 10pm, the curfew rule dictates that everyone to be in the house.

Then, will people sleep early? Not at all. Many have joined their family members and they will be following live programs from their favourite TV stations.

Those who enjoy taking some drinks have already bought enough to carry the day.

Whether in towns or country side, most people are well set for the festive season. But in town, some may celebrate it behind bars.

So let’s be careful and follow the guidelines given by the authority.