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Former Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli farewell

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My Uncle

In the beginning, it wasn’t easy to cope with the lose of my uncle. He was a great friend to me. That Sunday, I woke up early. Prepared to pay him a visit. After I was done, I decided to check my phone for any updates.

The shocking message struck me like a lightning.” He is no more!” “Why? Why? Why couldn’t you wait for me? I needed to have a talk with you. Why couldn’t you hold it any longer?” I found myself yelling.

Is it true that death happens to the good people leaving the delinquent to continue with their lives? Uncle meant so much to me. If only I knew that his days were near, I could have visited him like yesterday. Too unfortunate that death is a secret that no one can guess when it may occur.

Now that he is gone, I have to admit that there is nothing I can do, but his image and all the good memories will take long to be erased from my mind.

May he have a peaceful time with the angels. His love will live as an evidence that he once existed. Rest in peace uncle!

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The plane carrying Kenyan envoys to the funeral didn’t make it.

According to Daily Nation, a plane carrying Kenyan envoys to the funeral of former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa turned back to Nairobi because of bad weather, officials in Dar-es-Salaam said Tuesday.

Tanzanian Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation minister Prof Palamagamba Kabudi announced during the farewell ceremony of the former leader at Uhuru Stadium that Kenyan officials could not attend the event.

“We were expecting a special envoy representing President Uhuru Kenyatta, including Senator Samuel Poghisio, the Majority Leader of the Kenyan Senate, but we have received information that their plane was forced to turn back mid air,” Prof Kabudi told mourners gathered at the Uhuru Stadium in Dar-es-Salaam.

But Kenyan officials said the plane “developed mechanical challenges”, forcing it to turn back over Arusha.

Jane Kariuki, the head of public communication at the Foreign Affairs ministry, told the Nation that the Kenyan government was fully represented by the Kenyan High Commissioner to Tanzania Dan Kazungu at the funeral service.

Mkapa, who ruled Tanzania for from 1995 to 2005, died Thursday night aged 81.

On Sunday, his family said that the former Tanzanian president was suffering from malaria and died of a heart attack, scotching rumours that he succumbed to coronavirus.

“President Mkapa was found with malaria and he was admitted for treatment on Wednesday,” William Erio, a family member said during a funeral mass aired on State television.

His body will be transported to his rural home in Lupaso, Mtwara for burial scheduled Wednesday.

Mkapa was instrumental as the lead negotiator of the 2007-2008 post-election peace deal signed between former Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki and ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

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