What happened at the gym

Working from home has come with some vices one of them being adding weight. After seven months, I had added 12kgs. It had not been easy to cope with such weight and so starting exercising was not an option. I really wanted to lose weight.

Watch what happened at the gym the first day.

Keep tuned, I will keep you posted with the progress.

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The World Diabetes’ Day

It isn’t so easy to cope with the situation that comes with the sad news – you are suffering from diabetes! It sounds like a death sentence to someone ears.

I would like to encourage all those who are diabetic that they can live longer. Be strong. See what positive thing you can do instead of just looking at the negative side of it. Change your altitude and life style if need be.

Remember to follow doctor’s advice too. Do not live an isolated life. Talk about it. Educate others on the same.

I wish all of you a good health day!

Do you have something you can tell the people suffering from diabetes? Leave it as a comment and you will have encouraged a soul!

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