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The World Diabetes’ Day

It isn’t so easy to cope with the situation that comes with the sad news – you are suffering from diabetes! It sounds like a death sentence to someone ears.

I would like to encourage all those who are diabetic that they can live longer. Be strong. See what positive thing you can do instead of just looking at the negative side of it. Change your altitude and life style if need be.

Remember to follow doctor’s advice too. Do not live an isolated life. Talk about it. Educate others on the same.

I wish all of you a good health day!

Do you have something you can tell the people suffering from diabetes? Leave it as a comment and you will have encouraged a soul!

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My dog made me know of my pregnancy

Dogs are peculiar creatures which sometimes can be very sensitive. They have been used in search of drugs and explosives. Those who keep them as pets have said that they experience grief after loss. It was strange a lady known as Rachel to realise that her dog reacted differently due to her pregnancy which she came to realise later. This is what she said:

“Apollo was there for me when I had my lows of lows,” Rachel says of the pup, whom she “fell in love with” at the shelter.

Though always loving and protective, there was one day when Apollo left his snout resting on Rachel’s abdomen for an extended period of time. She snapped photos of the sweet moment and remembered finding it unusual for him, but didn’t think too hard beyond that.

Three weeks later, Rachel’s life changed forever when she had a positive pregnancy test, and nine months later, welcomed her son, Donovan.

Though Apollo was your typical high-energy dog, “when that baby came home, I’d never seen Apollo so gentle,” Rachel recalled. Now two-and-a-half years later, “he’s a big brother to my son,” she says, adding that it’s obvious how much he loves his human sibling.

By kate Hogan

You may wonder why the dog could realise that Rachel was Pregnant. Sarah Wilson (a dog trainer) explains this:

Dogs are good in smelling. When a woman is pregnant, it comes with morning sickness and change of hormones behaviour. This makes the body to produce some oduor. When the dog smells, it can react on it differently. This happens mostly if the dog has known the person for sometime. The woman changes her behaviour towards the dog making it demand for more attention.

Sarah Wilson

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