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Churches closed in kenya due to a surge of Covid-19 infections

Oops! We are in it once again! Last year, the government banned all gatherings including the churches. After a long period we were happy to go back to our worship places.

The country has been experiencing increase in Covid-19 infections where the number of people infected is increasing day by day. This has made the President to revert the rules.

Curfew hours have been increased. All gathering have been stopped. Hotels and bars closed. This did not spare the churches. And so we are at home catching live events from the social media…thanks to internet!

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Best places to spend your Christmas Holidays

Hi good people, it’s 20th of December already in Christmas mood How are you planning to spend the holidays? Today I would like to share where best I prefer spending my Christmas Holidays.

It is obvious that people have different interests depending on different factors. For those who have been living in town, they would prefer to spend their holidays away from hustle and bustle of the city. So, country side becomes one of their best destiny for their holidays.

To those who live upcountry, visiting the cities is the top in their list. They want to relax from daily chores of the farms.

Others will prefer to visit tourist attractions such as game parks or spend their holidays at the hotels where everything is taken care of. This is mostly preferred by ladies who have been taking care of the family. They need the break from the kitchen as well as enjoying pampering from the family members.

Country home is my take for Christmas Holidays. I love that morning when birds wake me up with their chirping and tweeting sound. The sight of the sun rise from the East is amazing not to mention that cool atmosphere that comes with the sun set.

Having meals prepared with products direct from my farm is refreshing. I also take this time to bond with the cows and the pets.

How and where do you prefer spending your holidays? Kindly share as you leave a comment. See how I spent my life in the village here