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Next Governor for Nairobi County

Kenyan politics have been taking a new perspective as those who have been accused of misappropriately handling public office have been thrown out of the offices.

The government isn’t leaving any stone unturned on cases related to corruption. This has caused impeachment of government officers including those in higher offices.

The Kiambu governor was one of the first governors to be impeached. Later the Nairobi governor is out too.

The interesting thing is that Honourable Waititu, former Kiambu county governor, who was impeached due to corruption cases now has been cleared to run for the governor seat to replace Honourable Sonko, former Nairobi governor.

Miguna Miguna who was exiled from Kenya and now lives in Canada is also eyeing for the same seat. He said recently that he will be running for Nairobi Governor position.

Will kenyans be willing to vote these people in? Still waiting to see how things will unfold. For more posts, see them here. For upcoming insights, remember to follow.

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International Anti-Corruption Day (Ciscasquapro)

The day is commemorated by raising awareness on ethics and integrity. Nowadays, a number of people have been sued with corruption cases making the word common to our ears.

Through Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), the government has tried to reduce the issues on corruption by bringing the culprits to book. Visit the site below and see what they are up to.

Africa Anti-Corruption Day 2020

United Nations also tweeted about the day;

Do you think your government is doing the best to eradicate corruption? Let’s know through a comment.