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Candidates and teachers found participating in exam cheating ( KCSE)

It is one week since the Kenya Certificate Secondary Examinations started. The Ministry of Education had announced that any irregularities in the exam will be punishable.

In spite of this announcement, some candidates and businessmen have colluded to find ways to leak the papers. Students have been found with phones in the exam rooms which may have been used to cheat.

Some of the teachers who invigilate the exam have too forgotten their sense of integrity. They were caught helping the candidates in cheating. They were arrested and investigation in on going.

The Cabinet Secretary for Education, has emphasized that the exam papers have not leaked and they won’t. He urged the citizens to be careful of some criminals who are taking advantage of the situation and sell fake papers.

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How to access KNEC Portal (Kenya National Examinations council)

Hi, are you one of those who have been having a problem accessing the KNEC portal?

No more worries, just use the links below to navigate different queries and you will be done in a minute.