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Lockdown Grace period in Kenya

Due to complains raised by kenyans on sudden lockdownnof some counties,the government has give a grace period. They are given twenty four hours to have travelled to their destinations. Kenyan citizens have welcomed the move. However, some feel that the decisions were hurriedly made.

Learning institutions have been closed down. The question is, how will the students move from the areas that have been locked down to their homes which are in different parts of the country? Some feel he could have given them time to reach home before locking down the areas.

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Impact of Covid 19 on traveling-ciscasquapro

Coming and going out of Nairobi has been prohibited for several weeks now. The pandemic has come with strict rules that people were not used to. Most people who come from counties neighbouring Nairobi had their program changed drastically.

Most of them used to go to upcountry every weekend which is not possible right now. They are left with the option of communicating through phone calls or social media platforms. The situation is so disappointing as many were used to visit their loved ones any time they felt like. No traveling now and Stay At Home – is the slogan that everybody should adhere to.Transport industry has also been affected especially those ‘matatus’ that were used to ferry people to and from Nairobi.