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A teenage student kills a teacher in kenya

When the topic on morals and values is mentioned, most of the young generation finds this as a waste of time. The discipline of our children is deteriorating day by day.

When I was growing up, I grew knowing that a teacher is one of the people that should be respected no matter what. This seems like it’s no more. Students have been trying to attack the teachers anytime they try to discipline them for their bad behavior.

Some videos have been going viral showing students beating the teachers. Just recently, a student stabbed a teacher to death. He was late of attending morning classes and immediately he was told to explain why he was late, he attacked the teacher with a knife. That means the teenager had the weapon all through waiting for the right moment to attack.

Most of the parents have refrained from disciplining their children leaving the responsibility to the teachers, but with the latest incident, are teachers safe?

This has acted as a wake up call to the ministry of education which previously always supported the students. Now things have gone out of hand and it’s now sounding a warning to all students who think of harming the teachers.

Let’s keep the chat on as you leave a comment. What’s your take on this?

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Son kills four family members in kenya

The shocking news of a 22 year man kill father, mother, brother and a cousin using a knife had left many with unanswered questions.

At that fateful night, the son started by killing a worker who was within the compound. This made it easy to attack other members without interruption.

How he killed all these people is still a puzzle. What could have caused such great hatred that triggered him to eliminate almost entire family?

Only her two sisters who had reported back to school escaped the horrifying ordeal.

Could he be on hard substances? It is a sad story to tell. May be this son was stressed but nobody noticed or mentally disturbed. For now, it is hard to take sides.

Let’s be keen to notice slightest behavioral changes in our children. We may prevent the worst from happening.