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Candidates and teachers found participating in exam cheating ( KCSE)

It is one week since the Kenya Certificate Secondary Examinations started. The Ministry of Education had announced that any irregularities in the exam will be punishable.

In spite of this announcement, some candidates and businessmen have colluded to find ways to leak the papers. Students have been found with phones in the exam rooms which may have been used to cheat.

Some of the teachers who invigilate the exam have too forgotten their sense of integrity. They were caught helping the candidates in cheating. They were arrested and investigation in on going.

The Cabinet Secretary for Education, has emphasized that the exam papers have not leaked and they won’t. He urged the citizens to be careful of some criminals who are taking advantage of the situation and sell fake papers.

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Online classes are back: Schools closed

It’s one week since the closure of schools. Our teenagers must be kept busy to make better use of the energy they have. For those in town, there is no land to till unlike the country side teenagers. No forest to send them to look after cattle. Lockdown locks them just inside the house. It is high time they get enrolled in online classes.

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Teaching and learning online – Ciscasquapro

We are back to the new normal. Learners are back home. From my previous post on digital learning, there some hiccups here and there but this should not deter one from achieving their academic goals.

The dawn of the pandemic made us know that we can achieve our academic goals virtually. Through the different platforms provided, one can teach or learn at his or her on pace and finally achieve his or her goals. The following video describes how you can do this without meeting your client face to face. Watch , like and subscribe for more to come.

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Kenya Secondary Schools candidates start their National Examinations

After Four years, the students are ready to seat for their final examinations which will determine whether to proceed to universities or colleges.

The students have been going through hard times now that the pandemic has been here for about a year. Some have been affected mentally and emotionally making the students feel as if they are not ready for the exam.

The government has done all what it takes to cushion them. This is by providing counselors in schools who talk to the affected learners. Moreover, the teachers have been trained to handle learners with such problems.

Every learner is working extra hard to see that he or she pass their examinations.

We wish them success in their exams.

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KCPE starts in Kenya

The long awaited time has just arrived. Class 8 candidates have begun their final year examinations. They have been in school at least for 8 years. See also KCPE

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Charlie, Charlie a dangerous game for our children

Children are back home for another long holiday. Internet is waiting…..Have you heard of the charlie charlie game which is blowing off the minds of the school going children? It is believed that it connects the player with the spirit of the dead through a ‘supernatural being.’ It is affecting the child mentally and emotionally.

The game involves the use of two pencils or pens. The player mention some words calling the name charlie and respond yes or no. So to parents, this is not just a game to have fun. Watch out!

Others were blue whale and the momo challenge which caused the death of some children.

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How to access KNEC Portal (Kenya National Examinations council)

Hi, are you one of those who have been having a problem accessing the KNEC portal?

No more worries, just use the links below to navigate different queries and you will be done in a minute.

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KCPE examinations set to start on 22 March in Kenya

The kenya Primary National Examinations are set to start on 22 March. 19th marks the rehearsal day whereby the learners are reminded some do’s and dont’s. Teachers make sure that every learner is well prepared to seat for the exam.

The learners have been preparing for 8 years and now it’s time to reap what they sow. Some schools which didn’t survive the pandemic closed down. This led to transfer of learners to other schools which survived the Covid-19 storm.

The exams are coming a times when some of the learners are going through difficult time. Some have lost their loved ones to Covid-19 while others have been affected economically. This may affect the outcome but not much can be done to mitigate the situation.

We wish them success as well as a safe time! See how to get to your destiny no matter what.


Success Wishes to all the candidates -Ciscasquapro

See how to prepare for examinations and read more here . Also feel free to navigate our homepage closely… kindly join me wish the candidates success Wishes as you comment below.

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What is making the students in kenya burn schools

The schools in kenya reopened on 4th January after a break of nine month. Learners have been having a hard time coping with the new normal of putting on the masks and maintaining social distance.

Some of the learners were affected by the pandemic in one way or the other. Not all learners were able to engage in online classes and so almost forgot everything they were taught before the coronavirus pandemic. Nine months is not a short without going through what one had covered previously.

Coming back to school, the learners having been going through mental challenges and some have been seen suffering from stress. This has caused a great harm to school. It has also been noted that, the long holiday exposed the learners to bad behaviours such as use of drugs. Others have found it difficult to adjust to the life of rules and regulations as they were used to live a life of freedom. Recently, a boy killed a teacher just because of being asked why he was late for classes.

The uncertainty and anxiety that is seen in schools indicates the kind of harm the pandemic has caused not only to economy but also to morals and values of our children. Learners have been burning schools living the parents to suffer more as they pay for the loses.

It’s unfortunate that this comes just a month to national exams. It seems that they feel they are not prepared enough to seat for their final year examinations.

Teachers have been advised of the ministry of education to be vigilant and note any form of distress from the learners. They are directed to give the child concerned the support he or she need. Where there is a need for a counselor, teachers should work with speed to help the child.

How are the learners coping with the new normal in your area? I would love to have a chat with you. Tell me more. You can also see other posts here.

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The pillar of education in life

Kindly visit my education page to see more articles on education. Don’t forget to like and share. Your constructive comment will be highly appreciated and more so to- a follow me- action

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Season greetings – Ciscasquapro

Hey! The year is still young and I feel I need to welcome you once again to my site-Ciscasquapro! It is my pleasure and honour to introduce you the fabulous products offered on this page. All your questions ranging from life of a teenager,youth and lifestyle, update on fashion,guidelines to parents on how to bring up children going through adolescence challenges, gaining more knowledge on our education page and many more will be answered. What you need is just to hook up with us! Enjoy your time here at Ciscasquapro!

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What happens to Kenya pregnant teenagers as schools reopen

The long holiday of nine months has exposed the school going girls to more dangers. It was notice that there was a rise of teenage pregnancy where high numbers were recorded.

Some have even given birth. The education cabinet secretary recently announced that all children should be allowed to go back to class regardless of their situation. This was after the schools were reopened on 4th January.

This was not a guarantee that these girls would go back to school. Some said that, the were not ready to face the victimization from the age mates.

Some people argue that by allowing the girls back to school, it is like advocating for indiscipline among teenagers and it won’t be a good example to other school going children.

What is your take on this? Kindly share as you leave a comment.

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Kenya public schools overwhelmed with students as schools reopen

Today being 4th of January, the schools gates are open again not only for the old students but also for everyone who wants to transfer the child due to different reasons.

The pupils in primary school were seen much excited to be back to school. Almost 90% of the students were present. This gives a clear picture that parents were either tired of staying with the children at home or they were well prepared.

Though all the learners were having their masks on, keeping social distance was an issue. As was seen in some schools, a teacher was to handle more than 50 children.

The government issued a statement that even teenage girls that got pregnant or gave birth should be allowed to go back to school.

Kindly keep in touch through a follow or a comment. Safiri salama! (Journey well) in the year 2021.

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Competency Based Curriculum

A change mostly comes with challenges where not everybody is ready for it. Others feel they don’t need disturbance from their comfort zones.

This has happened to the shift of 8-4-4 system to CBC. The new curriculum has faced a lot of challenges from both the parents and the teachers. No matter how much effort the government is putting to make sure the teachers are conversant with the curriculum, the parents feel that the competency Based Curriculum is a burden to them.

Some parents argue that the workload they are supposed to handle is too much bearing the mind that they are not only busy, but financing the system is also difficult. This is mostly from the parents who live a hand to mouth life.

The government doesn’t want to hear any of this and so it is geared to see that the system has succeeded no matter what. The teachers who feel the curriculum is demanding so much from them have no option rather than accepting it and move on.

To the contrary, learners are happy about it. They enjoy interacting with digital world as well as participating in practical learning areas such as Music, Agriculture, Home science, Art and Craft.

What is your take on the new curriculum? Kindly leave a comment.

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A little help doesn’t hurt – ciscasquapro

Most of the learners in some of the developing countries are not gaining from digital migration that is taking place in most part of the world. Like in kenya, children from vulnerable backgrounds cannot afford purchasing smart gadgets leave alone paying for the internet. Moreover, most of the teachers who are supposed to teach the learners using the technology skills are also not well equipped.I am requesting all well wishers to join hands to assist this children and the teachers. The donations received will be used to buy necessary equipment and for teachers facilitation programs.

Somebody said..” Problem shared is problem half solved”

For more information sms 254111887814 or @ciscasquapro …facebook @Ciscas20