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What I did in 1963 – Ciscasquapro

It is normal during morning rush hour at the town to have a lot of traffic as many people struggle to reach their places of work in time. One morning, there was this old man who wanted to go to town. He had some land issues he wanted to solve at Lands Office, but competing with the young people whom seemed not to recognize his age was not easy. He had to stay longer at the stage/bus terminals… ..You can also see other posts here

Finally, a bus arrived. Seeing the old man, the conductor gave him the first chance to get a seat. He then started collecting the fare from the passenger. He reach where the old man was sitting and requested him to pay for the ticket. To his surprise, the old man became very agressive almost fighting the young and well built conductor. The conductor was annoyed and they started exchanging bitter words. All over a sudden, the old man stood up charged like a wounded buffalo and said,

Young man, if you think you are strong enough, continue arguing with me. You will regret the day you were born after I have done what I did in 1963!

All the passengers were shocked. They pleaded with the conductor to live the man alone. After arriving to their destination, they all alighted. “Excuse me, before you go, would you mind to tell us what you did in 1963?” the young man asked the old man.

He laughed exposing his toothless gum.”Okay, if you want to know, well and good I will tell you…in 1963, I had no money to pay for transport though I wanted to go to my uncle’s place and so I had to walk miles away!…that is what I could have done….walk upto my destination!”

If you were the conductor, what could you have done? Leave a comment.

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How I made it (epi.3)

Did you miss the previous episodes? Don’t worry, get them here.

“Good morning, can you come to Huduma Hospital as soon as possible.” Before I could enquire who was on the call, he hanged up. It was a strange voice and from it I could tell all was not well. I new without doubt that something bad may have happened to Bryan. In a hurry, I took a cab to Huduma Hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital, I was a a bit confused. Should I ask information about patient by the name Bryan? No, I wasn’t sure about Bryan. Just the day before he was well, but not having reported to work left me not knowing whether to ask about him or not. It was a real dilemma!

At the reception, a lady noted my restlessness. “Madam, how can I help you?” I explained my predicaments but to my surprise, there was nobody by the name Bryan in the hospital records. Who could have made the call? What was his intentions? I couldn’t get the answer to any of these.The caller used the landline and so I couldn’t get back to him for more information.

I sat helplessly in a couch that was at the reception not knowing what to do next. As I sank deep into my thoughts, just then, my phone rang. I picked it as first as I could hoping the caller would solve my problem. Anonymous call again! This time, it was a lady. ” Hello, we are sorry to inform you that the patient was in critical condition and so we decided to take him to the National Hospital. Please come as quickly as you can!” My effort to know more didn’t bear any fruits. So, what next? From Huduma Hospital to National Hospital.

Without wasting time, I called another cab and I after thirty minutes I was at the National Hospital. Full of anxiety, I hurried came out of the cab and headed to reception. If it were not for the cab driver who followed me, I couldn’t have remembered to pay him. I approached the receptionist to enquire about the patient. Before he could respond, a lady interrupted, “Hi, are you Tab….” Before she could finish her question, I had already responded, though this was not a common name at the office . “A man had been badly injured by a hit-and-run car. Before he went in a comma, he gave out your number. Right now the doctors are working on him. You will have to wait for some minutes before they are through.” she added.

Waiting there for not less than an hour looked like a whole year to me. So many questions waited for answers. Luckily, after an hour or so of waiting, I was now allowed to see the patient. I was directed to the room and beside him, there was a doctor.

Words alone cannot express what I felt. The body was full of bandages and he lay on the bed unconsciously. Unknowingly, I couldn’t control a scream after seeing him. The accident was terrible! I moved closer to get the intensity of the injuries. His face was halfway covered with bandages. To my surprise, it wasn’t Bryan!… don’t miss the next episode…just follow…. let me know your take on this through the comments. Also read life at the village?…..and…The girl who wished to be a bird.

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How I made it (epi 2) – Ciscas

In case you missed the last episode, here it is: How I made it.

Though Bryan seemed to be cool, I could tell that all was not well. I tried to prove to him that there was nothing between me and Hopekins just to make him understand which I thought he did. He seemed not to be in a hurry though it was getting late. “Bryan, I think it’s time to say goodbye and goodnight. Let’s meet tomorrow at the office. Hope I have made it clear to you.”

He did not hesitate. He stood up from where he was seated, shook my hand and wished me a goodnight. For sure I didn’t like all what was happening. It was more of pretence than real. To me, it was like a show. We parted and I was glad that he left in peace.

The night was long. I kept tossing left and right. Tried to cover myself from the cold but no sleep came on my way. “Was he sincere when he said that he was sorry? Why did he seem to be so calm?……” A lot of questions crisscrossed my mind. Yet I didn’t have the right response. I didn’t know when sleep hijacked me as I went exploring the slumber land until I was interrupted by the morning alarm.

It didn’t take long before I arrived at the office. To my surprise, Bryan had not arrived. This was unusual as he always reached office before me. I had a busy schedule and so I went straight to my day’s program.

It was now at 9:30am and Bryan had not arrived at the office. I wondered what could have happened to him. I decided to give myself time as I waited for him before going out for some field work. After half an hour, I picked my bag and some files that I needed for the field work. As I was stepping outside, the office phone rung. With a lot of enthusiasm, I rushed to pick it..”Hello… Good morning.” continue.. don’t miss the next episode…if you like it, give it a thumb and share. You can also connect through the email.

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How I made it – Ciscas

romantic ethnic model with white flowers

I had finished doing my office assignment and was getting ready to head to bed. Something caught my attention. I had forgotten to lock my door and so I took the key and went ahead. As I approached the door, I had a knock. Surprised, I asked myself, “who could that be at a such weird hour?” I didn’t expect anybody neither had I invited anyone to my house. Before I could enquire who it was, a voice said, ” It’s me, Bryan.”

Bryan was one of my colleagues at work. I wondered what could have made him come to my house at such an hour. Previously, we had quarreled on some issues we could not agree. I had declined his request to visit him during the weekend. That afternoon, I went to to the market to run some errands.

As I was picking some tomatoes, somebody tapped my shoulder and that is when I realized it was Hopekins my former classmate. I couldn’t resist  a hag from him which felt so warm after staying for decades without seeing each other. All this time, I didn’t realize that Bryan was standing behind me. “Kindly meet my friend, Bryan.” He told me  pointing to Bryan. I was shocked to see Bryan and I could tell from the look of his eyes that he was not happy with the way I embarrassed Hopekins. After shaking hands with him, he left in a hurry and left us chatting as we had fun flashing back to our school life.

So I knew that something was not right. I ushered him in Reluctantly. “What has made you to come here at this time? Is anything wrong?” I asked him knowing very well what could be the response. To my amazement, he said, ” Am sorry for the way I behaved this afternoon. I couldn’t control my jealousy when I saw you embracing Hopekins with a lot of intimacy. I Know it’s not right to judge you, but I could not help it.” …stay tuned to know what happened…to continue…look out for the next episode.