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Are superstitions real?

When I was growing up, I could get some warnings from my parents on dos and don’ts . Some of them were like:

  • It’s not good to whistle at night and if I did crickets would come for me.
  • If you wake up in the morning and the first thing you see is a bird with white feathers around the next, just go back and sleep because it is a bad omen. Something bad might happen.
  • If you start your journey and the first person you meet is a woman, don’t talk to her, it might be a bad luck.
  • If the owl made some noise at night, somebody in the village would die.
  • If you closed your legs while in the office and you are a woman, you will lose customers.
  • Don’t eat in the dark, Satan will visit you.
  • Never eat from sauce pan, you will never get Children.
  • Don’t eat eggs when pregnant, you will die when giving birth.

And many more. Sometimes I wonder whether this was real! Have you ever heard of such or others? Talk to me and let me know your superstitions as you comment. For more, kindly follow and see my posts