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Benefits of end year reflection

The year is ending and a lot has happened since the pandemic caught up with us. We have lived a live that we had never thought of but we must accept the new normal and move on.

Nevertheless, it is important to reflect on all that has happened in the course of the year. No matter the circumstances, there is always a silver lining in every cloud.

Why reflect? To identify the positives and the negatives that you have experienced. For the achievements, appreciate yourself and all those who contributed to the achievements as well as thinking on how you can make them better in the coming year.

The vices are part of our lives and they also contribute to the performance of our daily life. If it were not for the challenges that we go through, we would never ambitious of being successful.

So reflect on the hindrances or barriers that blocked your way and made you either to slow your movement or blocked it completely. What you can do to eradicate them or weaken them so that you can achieve your goals as targeted in the beginning of the year.

Come up with new strategies to improve your performance as you start the new year. Take some time to flashback and come up with the way forward.

By doing this, you will be in a better position come the new year. Hope this will help you to plan. What is your opinion on this? Kindly share it in the comment.