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Effects of Elections on covid 19

I have noted with a lot of concern on how people adhere to the pandemic guidelines. People have been seen campaigning without maintaining social distance in Countries and counties which have held elections. Others don’t put on mask and if they do, they hang it on the chin.

My question is, why do rules seem to be taken for granted by both the citizens and the leaders when it comes to politics meetings? The leaders keep reminding us about the precautions yet to them, it seems that it is easier said than done.

If this leaders get infected with the coronavirus, not only are they able of visit the best hospitals but also they have enough money that may be needed for the treatment. But what about the normal person attending those rallies, if the worst happen, nobody will remember him. The vaccine may not get you alive.

It’s good we check on our health.

So let’s not forget to take care of ourselves because if we don’t, nobody will.

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Why children are not safe from covid 19.

Are our children safe from corona virus..

It is sad that children have been left to go on with their daily activities. They are relating and playing as if covid 19 is a fiction. Schools were closed to keep children safe but it is like this is not working.

When parents go for job, these children are left all alone and they are free to meet with their friends without minding the impact of the pandemic. Most of them are seen not bothering to take the precautions needed. They never use masks nor keep social distance.

My question is…are these children safe? Is keeping them out of school protecting them from being victims?