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Sunday Weather Forecast: Nairobi, Kenya.

Of late we have been experiencing a very unpredictable weather. Like today is too hot. Sometimes days become too hot and all of a sudden changes to cold weather. Heavy fog is being experience along the highway causing accidents due to poor vision. Not even the weather man gets it right.

In February, heavy rains came from nowhere. It brought havoc in the country. As we were preparing to get used, the dry weather appeared.

It seems seasons have really changed. Sometimes back, we were able to tell exact dates when the rain would fall without the help of weather forecast department.

Now we are in late March. We are expecting long rains as people have already prepared their land for planting season.

We have to adapt this kind of change. Now we have to leave the house having all the necessities: umbrella for the rains, heavy sweater for the cold and light clothes too, incase the weather becomes unbearably hot. Not forgetting to put in mind the type of the shoes. Floods can appear any time.

Enjoy you day!