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Valentine’s Day

The D-Day is here with us. Remember to show love to the less fortunate. Happy Valentine!

See what these teenagers did to me on a previous Valentine’s day.


Valentine’s day and teenagers.

I don’t know whether it’s right to write about valentine’s day after it has already happened. But this was provoked by a series of questions that followed the day from some of pre-teens and teenagers all on valentine’s day.

On that day, I was too busy to remember that it was really Valentine. I woke up as usual, got dressed up without being keen on what was meant for the day.

I had to meet some pre teens and teens for certain duties. When I arrived, I was shocked with their brilliant ideas.

There were red flowers all over! Beautiful art on paints and pencils all symbolising the valentine’s day. The unexpected welcome of ululations left me amazed.It was fantastic!

Were these teens really knew what they were doing? Was this the way to celebrate the day?……….A lot of questions crisscrossed my mind ….If the world was full of such love….we would never imagine of leaving!

I had an assignment to do. What were they thinking when they were doing all these? I jogged their mind with a few questions:

What is it all about this valentine’s day?… Why did you need to do all this?…Why red flowers?…. And the answers were amazing! This one from a ten year old girl surprised me……..didn’t your husband give you a red rose?……it was still early in the morning….am still thinking whether I gave the right answer.