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A wedding of its own kind

It was so amazing to watch the bride and the bridegroom (both having hearing impairment) exchanging the vows. The pandemic could not hold their love any longer. True that their love new no bounds.

It was an exciting event full of beautiful colours as well as bride’s maids who were all deaf. They really enjoyed each other’s company splendidly. The disability good not hinder them from following the event joyfully.

To make things easy for the wedding couple, there was an interpreter who always was beside them as the pastor precede the occasion.

Surely, disability is not inability!

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The Santa Claus Visit – Ciscasquapro

There is this story about Santa visiting people and giving them presents during Christmas holidays. In western countries, this has been practised for decades. Children are told stories on how Santa will visit.

See what the netizens are saying due to coronavirus pandemic

Is the story a fiction or real? Do kids believe in it? When they grow up and understand the whole thing about Santa, what might be their reaction? Do adults lie to kids?

Kindly let’s know your thought.

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Why he did it on Thursday #Throughbackthursday

Everyone’s mind was full of rhetoric questions on why he did it. The previous night he seemed to be okay. He didn’t look disturbed. Everything went on well until the following day when they discovered that he was no more.

He had committed suicide. On the table there was a note written, ” I can’t take it anymore. I have tried to be a man but the force is too strong for me to bear. It is this day I was born. The same day I got married. The same day l divorced and the same day I die. Thursday, I owe you everything!”

It was sad, but they couldn’t help.

So, when stressed let’s find someone whom we can tell our problems.