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A wedding of its own kind

It was so amazing to watch the bride and the bridegroom (both having hearing impairment) exchanging the vows. The pandemic could not hold their love any longer. True that their love new no bounds.

It was an exciting event full of beautiful colours as well as bride’s maids who were all deaf. They really enjoyed each other’s company splendidly. The disability good not hinder them from following the event joyfully.

To make things easy for the wedding couple, there was an interpreter who always was beside them as the pastor precede the occasion.

Surely, disability is not inability!


Best attire for a wedding

A number of people are having their wedding ceremony set for the December Holidays. They consider it as away of celebrations.

I believe you have ever participated in a wedding ceremony. We all long for that day even if we are just guests. The challenge that comes with the day is; what is the best dress or attire for the day?

As much as this can look a bit simple, it always gives people headache. The bride and the bridegroom may choose their wedding colours of their choice.

The wedding ceremony may be different depending on the different cultures and religions. In addiction the bride and the bridegroom can also dictate the dressing code of the day.

Mostly, in african culture, we prefer women to dress in dresses and if possible african prints like ‘kitenge’. Long dress do well too.

What’s your take on this? In your culture do you have specific attire for a wedding ceremony? I would love to hear it. Kindly let’s know how it’s done. See more posts