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Why we need to take care of the environment

Sometimes it is so hurting to see someone throwing garbage anywhere. Yesterday, a lady who looked very presentable took garbage from her hotel and threw it on the road. The previous day, the same road had been cleaned by a certain youth group. I felt so bitter but I couldn’t do anything. The face she gave us was so scary that we couldn’t dare to talk.

Just after some minutes, heavy rain started falling. It was too much that it swept the garbage towards the lady’s hotel. It even blocked the way to the hotel while some found its way inside the hotel. Those who were inside were forced to jump over the waste to access the road. Though we were not able to warn her, but the nature deed.

So what you give to the nature, the same it gives back. You smile, it smiles back to you. You frown, it also do the same. You throw the garbage to it, it throws it back severely.

So let us all be responsible where we can!